Where To Go Crabbing in Cecil County, Maryland? (Guide)

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Discover the best location, learn about local regulations, and understand the best times of year to catch crab in Maryland.

Crabbing is a popular activity in Maryland. That’s for good reason, too: there are tons of places to catch a fresh crab! 

Whether you’re an avid fisherman looking for your legal haul of crabs or a casual outdoorsman looking for an adventure with friends and family, Cecil County in Maryland has got it all.

With the start of crabbing season now upon us, many people are gearing up to go crabbing. Luckily, there are a number of different piers, rivers, and bays to catch crabs around the county.

In this article we will outline some of them for you as well as provide some tips from the locals on what to know about where to catch crab in Cecil County, Maryland.

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Where to Catch Crab in Cecil County?

  1. Charlestown Stone Wharf Pier  
  2. Elk Neck State Park / Rogues Harbor
  3. Perryville Community Park
  4. Sassafras River 
  5. Bohemia River
  6. Elk River
  7. Northeast River
  8. Northern Chesapeake Bay

Top 3 Piers to Go Crabbing in Cecil County

Cecil County is a great place to go crabbing, not only is the catch fresh, but they have a bunch of publicly accessible piers for you to go with your buddies or family.

The top three piers to go crabbing in Cecil County, Maryland are Charlestone Stone Wharf & Fishing Pier, Rouges Harbour in Elk Neck State Park, and Perryville Community Park.

For more details on each of these locations see below;

1. Charlestown Stone Wharf Pier


414 Water Street. Charlestown, MD 21914.

Looking for a simple spot to catch some crab? Charlestown stone wharf pier is a great place to throw some collapsible traps and collect your legal haul.

Located in the small town of Charlestown, Maryland this pier is great if you don’t want to head somewhere too remote, and just want to take an easy trip.

This pier also has some great take options nearby with The River Shack and The Wellwood just down the road.

2. Elk Neck State Park – Rogues Harbor


Turkey Point Road ( MD 272 ) & Rogues Harbor Road. North East, MD 21901


Based within Elk Nect State Park, Rouges Harbour is a great location to catch crab in the county if you are looking to catch crabs without much equipment.

Just off Turkey Point Road and Rouges Harbour Road, this spot offers a pier and shore, which you can use dip nets or traps with.

If you really want to keep it simple you can even go for a hand line and will likely have some luck.

If you’re on a day trip you can grab food on the way into the park, and theirs also campgrounds available and a lighthouse to check out.

3. Perryville Community Park


100 Marion Tapp Parkway. Perryville, MD 21903.


On the west side of Cecil County, Perryville community park is a great spot if you’re looking to head out on the water, go for a quick hike, hit the beach or catch crab.

With a public fishing pier located in the area of the park you can either head there or to the beaches to catch crab.

This spot is great for a range of traps, but don’t be expected to be able to catch crabs by hand here. With a rockier sea bed and fewer places for crabs to settle this is the least suggested spot in our list of piers to catch crab from.

Top 4 Rivers to Catch Crab in Cecil County

Prefer to have more options than a pier? Well, you’re in luck, Cecil County has 4 rivers that are easy to access and can prove to be great areas for crabbing.

The 4 main rivers to go crabbing in Cecil County are Sassafras River, Bohemia River, Elk River, and Northeast River, details on publicly accessible boat launches can be found below. 

See river location details; 

1. Sassafras River 


Accessible via Fredericktown Boat Ramp Sassafras St, Georgetown, MD 21930


One of the best rivers to catch crab on in Cecil County, the Sassafras river offers fresh blue crab and many sheltered spots that are less busy than the piers suggested above.

With many locations, locals tend to flock to Ordinary Point to cast their nets, and traps, though if you are on a boat you will have many areas along the river all to yourself.

If you’re looking to head out on a boat for the day you can launch at Fredrickstown Boat Ramp, on Sassafras St in Georgetown.

2. Bohemia River


Accessible via Safe Harbor Hack’s Point, 1645 Glebe Rd, Earleville, MD 21919


A serene river with prime waters for crabbing this waterway offers fishing as well as waterskiing, and swimming areas. 

If you are looking to catch crab on the Bohemia river it is suggested you head out on a boat and seak a quiet anchorage near the Richmond’s Marina / Hack Point area.

A boat launch can be found at the Safe Harbour Marina, Hacks Point, off Glebe Road in Earlville.

3. Elk River


Accessible via Bethel Rd, Chesapeake City, MD 21915 or Rouges Harbour, North East, MD 21901


In the same area as Rouges Harbour and the Chesapeake City Boat Ramps, The Elk river can be a good spot to catch crab if you know where you are heading.

With the Northeast river just to the west, you can find crab in the area just north of White Crystal Beach and south of the Bohemia River.

To launch your boat at the Chesapeake City Boat Ramps, you will want to head to Bethel Road until you hit the water. Ensure it’s open prior to heading there to avoid disappointment.

4. Northeast River


Accessible via Charlestown Public Boat Ramp, Water St, Charlestown, MD 21914


A great place for the experienced fisherman, the Northeast River is the ideal spot if you are looking to catch blue crabs and fresh fish.

With multiple public boat ramps including the Charlestown Public Boat Ramp, you won’t have a hard time getting your boat out on the water.

If you choose to head to the northeast river for the day it’s worthwhile to check out the areas around Hances Point, North Bay, and Carpenter Point for the most crab.

Other Areas to Catch Crab in Cecil County

If you’re looking for more than a pier or a river, the county has the northern Chesapeake Bay to explore. This watershed is bountiful with blue crab and stone crabs, among a range of other fish, and shellfish.

For information on Northern Chesapeake Bay, see below;

Northern Chesapeake Bay

Location:  Accessible via public and private docks along the coast.


In addition to all of the rivers, and piers mentioned above you also have the entire bay at your disposal to go catch crab from.

With many of the locations easily accessible from the water, or a quick drive. The main thing to avoid when heading out on the bay is any area populated by larger cargo ships as the waters can be much more polluted there.

Related Questions

How many crabs can I catch in Maryland?

The maximum amount of crab you can catch will depend on where you are crabbing. If you are catching crab in the Atlantic, your limit is one bushel per person or a maximum of two per boat if more than two people are on the boat. If you are crabbing in the Chesapeake Bay your limits will range depending on whether you are licensed or unlicensed from 2 dozen male hard crabs up to 2 bushels for a licensed boat. 

Do you need a license to crab in Maryland?

Yes, you are required to have a Maryland sport fishing & crabbing license at all times if you intend to make use of any of the following: Crab traps, net rings, and seines or trotlines. A recreational license is not required if you are crabbing in the Atlantic Ocean, Coastal Bays, and their Tributaries.




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